Replacing our fluorescent lights with LEDs

UBC Building Operations and Energy & Water Services have teamed up with BC Hydro and the Province of BC to replace existing T8 fluorescent lights on campus with LED lights. LEDs provide improved lighting quality, reduce lamp maintenance, and reduce energy consumption by half.

This year, 28,000 lamps in 13 buildings at the Vancouver campus will be replaced. If successful, the program will expand to include all core campus buildings replacing an estimated 180,000 T8 lamps.

The energy and maintenance savings, combined with funding from BC Hydro and Province of BC Carbon Neutral Program, results in a less than 2-year project payback for UBC. Energy & Water Services estimates savings of over $800K per year in energy and maintenance while reducing UBC’s electrical peak demand by 3 MWs. Learn more at UBC Energy & Water Services.