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Watering Restrictions come into Effect May 1, 2021

Metro Vancouver’s Drinking Water Conservation Plan, Stage 1 watering restrictions will come into effect on May 1, 2021, as outlined in Metro Vancouver’s Drinking Water Conservation Plan. The days and times in which watering will be permitted remains the same as in 2020.

Adjustments to pH and alkalinity of regions drinking water in June 2021

Metro Vancouver has notified UBC Vancouver that they are planning to increase the pH and alkalinity of the region’s drinking water through the use of natural minerals in early June 2021. This increase in pH and alkalinity is an important step in a long-term program to reduce pipe corrosion from naturally occurring elements in drinking water.

UBC Water Supply Centre now running campus water supply

The aging water pump station located in the Power House is now disconnected from the University Boulevard transmission main, and the new UBC Water Supply Centre is fully running the campus water distribution.

Customer Services & Informatics reporting to Facilities, AVP

Customer Services & Informatics reporting to Facilities, AVP

To reduce redundancies and expand our lens in working better together as one Facilities team to enable excellence in learning and research, the Customer Services & Informatics (CSI) team led by Kishani Gibbons in Building Operations, will report directly to Facilities, AVP.

Decommission of the Power House

The new Water Supply Centre is now completed, and the old water mains at the Power House is scheduled to be disconnected between April 9-14, 2021. To facilitate the work, there will be changes to the flow of water in UBC’s pipe, however, disruptions are not anticipated.