Find out the latest on our efforts to build, operate, and maintain innovative energy and water service solutions for the Vancouver campus to share with the world.

BRDF, UBC’s innovative heat and power facility boosted by federal investment

A $20.4 million expansion of UBC’s innovative Bioenergy Facility (BRDF) will receive up to $7.6 million in support from the federal government’s low-carbon economy fund.

Campus Energy Centre wins green building award

UBC's Campus Energy Centre has won the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada’s 2019 Green Building Award, and it is the only building in BC to be recognized in this year’s Awards of Excellence.

EMMS project announces vendor, launches website

The Enterprise Maintenance Management System (EMMS) Project received Board of Governors approval to enter contract with Planon, an industry-leading solution for maintenance, inventory, and asset management and the project is now ready to move forward in concert with the IRP.

Vancouver Sun: UBC’s water use, emissions plummet as sustainability solutions take hold

While UBC's enrolment increased by 24,000 students over the last 20 years, annual water consumption has dropped by 50 per cent — a whopping 272 million litres.

VPFO Gathers for Pink Shirt Day 2019

Staff from the VPFO portfolio gathered in the morning, evening, and night of February 27 for an opportunity to connect and talk about respect, diversity, and inclusion.