Find out the latest on our efforts to build, operate, and maintain innovative energy and water service solutions for the Vancouver campus to share with the world.

UBC wins Institutional Energy Management of the Year award from the Association of Energy Engineers

This award recognizes UBC and the contributions of faculty, staff, and students in changing our approach to energy and acting as a living lab to demonstrate what’s possible to the rest of the world.

John Metras appointed Associate Vice-President, Facilities

In this new role John will lead the Infrastructure Development, Building Operations, and Energy & Water Services units as a unified team, providing integrated facilities services for the Vancouver campus.

UBC’s Academic District Energy System featured in IDEA Magazine

The International District Energy Associations 2018 Conference is coming to Vancouver. UBC's Academic District Energy System is part of the cover story for their latest magazine, preparing conference attendees for their trip to Vancouver.

More Power! BC Hydro Transmission Upgrades Underway

BC Hydro has approved a new plan to expand its transmission infrastructure in anticipation of UBC’s expanding electrical demands.

Bioenergy Research Demonstration Facility (BDRF) expansion approved

The 12 megawatt expansion will to allow campus district energy system to not only meet projected heating demand needs of new buildings, but will also enable over 50% of the campus heating requirements to be met by a clean renewable resource.