Find out the latest on our efforts to build, operate, and maintain innovative energy and water service solutions for the Vancouver campus to share with the world.

Energy and Water Welcomes Back Trades Staff

Energy and Water Services recognizes the importance of worker safety as the campus look to resume operations following COVID-19 related operational interruptions. A COVID-19 CEC Facility Safety Plan outlines the guidelines and procedures put in place to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. This plan has been reviewed by the joint health and safety committee.

VPFO teams featured in Water Canada Magazine

Several VPFO teams have been featured in Water Canada Magazine for their safe and sustainable stewardship of water on UBC's Vancouver campus.

Watering Restrictions come into Effect May 1, 2020

Metro Vancouver’s Drinking Water Conservation Plan, Stage 1 watering restrictions will come into effect on May 1, 2020. The Drinking Water Conservation Plan sets out a long term plan to ensure the sustainable use of water resources. The plan includes restrictions on lawn watering as well as other outdoor water uses which are essential to […]

Energy efficiency and cost savings during COVID-19

With reduced occupancy on the UBC Vancouver campus, building operators and energy managers are adjusting heating or cooling levels in spaces that have reduced or zero occupancy. This is an opportunity to ensure critical energy savings while maintaining a safe and healthy indoor environment.

A friendly reminder to run the cold water taps to ensure water is fresh

As many buildings on campus have reduced occupancy, we want to remind everyone that running the cold water taps until the water is cold is an important step before drinking or using for food preparation. This will ensure the water is kept fresh for use and stagnant water is flushed from the building’s pipe network system.