Bioenergy Research Demonstration Facility (BDRF) expansion approved

In late fall, the UBC Board of Governors gave initial approval for the addition of a new 12 megawatt boiler at the Bioenergy Research & Demonstration Facility (BRDF). Design work has started with the intention of obtaining approval to proceed with construction in December of 2018. This expansion to the BDRF, expected to come online in August 2020, will allow our campus district energy system to meet projected heating demand needs of new buildings as well as enable over 50% of the campus heating requirements to be met by a clean renewable resource.

The idea to expand UBC’s bioenergy facility was generated out of UBC’s Climate Action Planning process. It was the only economically viable option that helps UBC achieve its Climate Action Plan 2020 target of 67% GHG emission reduction over 2007 levels. UBC’s experience of using clean, local wood waste for the existing facility contributed to our confidence in this option. A peer reviewed fuel availability study formed the basis of the assumptions used to assess the economic viability of the project.

Design and construction of the project will be managed by UBC Project Services, the same group that managed the development of the original BRDF project. Read more about the project on the Infrastructure Development website.