Contractors & Developers

Please refer to the “Design Review and Construction Coordination Information Package” found with UBC’s Technical Guidelines Division 33 specifications, which outlines the development processes related to UBC’s utilities infrastructure. The package includes a checklist of UBC Energy and Water Services (EWS) consultant and contractor service requirements.

All the UBC standards that builders are expected to adhere to can be found in the UBC Technical Guidelines. Most underground utilities-specific information is found in the Division 33 (mechanical) and Division 26 (electrical) guideline documents. Please see below for additional work procedures and forms related to project design and construction coordination requirements.

UBC is part of BC One Call’s Call Before You Dig Program. By submitting a ticket to them, we’ll be able to assist you in locating underground utilities, provided that UBC Campus + Community Planning has issued you a permit.

All Safety and Project Administration policies and procedures can be found on the Building Operations website.

Work Procedures


  • Backflow Prevention Assembly Test Report – PDF
  • Building Turnover Information For Utilities – PDF
  • DES Construction Checklist – PDF
  • Energization Requirements PDF
  • Energization Requirements – Low Voltage PDF | Word DOC
  • Fire Hydrant Connection Permit – visit Campus & Community Planning
  • Irrigation Chamber Service Connection Application – PDF
  • Manhole Entry Permit PDF
  • Mechanical Construction Checklist – PDF
  • Service Shutdown Request – visit Building Operations
  • Temporary Water Connection/Wet Tap Permit PDF
  • Utility Service Agreement PDF
  • Utility Service Activation Request PDF
  • Utility Preliminary Service Connection Application PDF
  • Utility Service Connection Application PDF
  • Water Quality Complaint Form – PDF