Energy App

The Energy app gives detailed information on energy use by one or more buildings. Energy can be examined over time in the Usage tab, compared against equipment trends in the Operation tab, or patterned in the Profile tab. By default, the app will include data for all buildings, so it is highly recommended, upon first opening the app, to select “sites” near the top right corner, and double clicking the particular buildings of interest. When chosen, buildings should show up on the right hand side, under the Selected column.

In the Usage tab, after selecting the building(s) of interest, the utility measurement to be examined can be changed by clicking the “options” button near the right-hand side. The Point selection allows the user to choose between electrical, thermal, or water data as available. Note that the “Water (kW) and Water (MWh) measurements are for district hot water. Likewise, the unit of measurement can be selected, changing between orders of magnitude, or metric and imperial units. This dialog box also allows for other view modifications, such as normalizing by floor area or weather (balance point of 18°C); ranking buildings if multiple are selected (by max, if viewing a power unit, or by sum if viewing an energy or volume unit); or including a baseline period for comparison.