Building Energy and Water Data


Looking for building energy and performance data? UBC Energy & Water Services makes all of its data freely available online, via the SkySpark platform.

Students, researchers, and UBC energy managers use this data to track energy saving projects, compare the energy performance of different types of buildings, and evaluate best practices in new building construction. All this data collection and exploration is part of UBC’s Campus as a Living Lab initiative.

SkySpark consists of a suite of applications to provide data analysis or access to the data. The guest account can access four apps:

  • Buildings App gives snapshots of building performance, and allows for download of utility data
  • Energy App allows for comparison of energy use between buildings, as well as baselining and weather or area normalization
  • Historian App allows viewing of one or more trends, as well as simple regression modeling
  • Weather App shows present, forecasted, and historic weather data

General Notes on Use of SkySpark

  • If only the “Home” app appears at the centre of the screen, click “UBC” on the left-hand side.
  • Each individual app may consist of several different views, which can be selected by clicking the appropriate tab along the top of the page.
  • At any time, a view within SkySpark can be exported using a button near the top right corner. The pdf or image file generated can be either downloaded or emailed. If the view is comprised of a single dataset, csv and excel files are also available as possible export files.

Blank Page on Login

If SkySpark appears to not have any content after logging in, don’t panic. This is expected behaviour, and happens when a specific project has not been selected.

To alleviate the issue, click the “Projects” dropdown list, and select the “UBC” project.

When this is done, all apps accessible to your user account should be visible.

Log In to SkySpark

Access SkySpark by logging in here using your CWL login. If you do not have a CWL account, you may be eligible for a sponsored account. Please contact your project manager or the Energy and Water Services executive secretary.


To request help with logging in, accessing data, or for any other support, please contact the Energy & Water Services Executive Secretary at