Stats & Metrics

2018/19 Fiscal Year Energy Generation and Energy and Water Purchases



Campus Electrical Purchase: 297 gigawatt hours (GWh)
Renewable Electrical Generation: 14.3 GWh, via Renewable Natural Gas cogeneration at the Bioenergy Research Demonstration Facility (BRDF)
Peak Electrical Demand: 49 megavolt amperes (MVA)

Savings (Since 2004): 33.6 GWh/year

Natural Gas

Gas Purchased for District Energy System Hot Water Generation: 339,000 gigajoules (GJ)
Direct Gas Purchase: 287,000 GJ
Gas Purchased for Cogeneration: 153,000 GJ (Includes 91,000 GJ
Renewable Natural Gas)

Savings (Since 2004): 572,000 GJs/year

Thermal Energy Generation

Thermal Energy Generation, Campus Energy Centre: 88,000 MWh

Low Carbon & Renewable Thermal Energy Generation, BRDF:  32,400 MWh

Waste Heat Recovery, Cogeneration: 13,000 MWh


Biomass Purchased for Thermal Energy Generation, BRDF: 10,100 bone-dry tonnes


Campus Water Purchase: 3.68 billion litres of water

Savings (Since 2004): 1.34 billion litres of water per year

Sanitary Sewer

Campus Sanitary Discharge: approximately 3.68 billion litres of sanitary sewer

Savings (Since 2004): 1.21 billion litres of sanitary sewer per year