Campus Energy Visualization Map

Campus Energy Visualization

Use Tableaux to visualize your buildings historical energy use and how it compares to other similar type building on campus.

Use Tableaux to explore the campus’s energy use over time.


Energy Consumption by Campus Building

Use the ION Historian Database to view live data or download data into Excel for an individual building’s energy and water consumption.

ION Historian Database Instructions

A core component of UBC’s energy management and building performance monitoring is the ION Historian. This publicly accessible database provides long-term trending of energy and water consumption for the majority of UBC Vancouver campus buildings.

Students, researchers and UBC energy managers use this data to track energy saving projects, compare the energy performance of different types of buildings, and evaluate best practices in new building construction. All this data collection and exploration is part of UBC’s Campus as a Living Lab initiative.

It’s important to note that the ION Historian database is NOT a visualization tool for the data. Therefore, most of the data requires analysis for interpretation.

Click on the quadrant or area of campus you wish to view
ion moa Click on the meter icon of the building you wish to view; this will take you to a web page with the building’s real-time electrical energy displayed.
ion demand log To view short-term historical data for electrical energy, thermal energy and water, click on the Energy and Demand Log icon at the bottom of the page
ion web reports For long-term tending data, click on the web reports icon on the bottom left

If you’re a UBC Energy & Water Services customer on campus and you would like assistance interpreting your building’s electrical energy, thermal energy and water data, please contact from EWS’s Energy Planning and Innovation (EPI) group.