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Stepping into the future: ending the age of steam at UBC

On December 16, 2019, the last steam line at UBC was shut down, marking the end of an era and our acceleration towards achieving net-zero emissions prior to 2050.

Help reduce energy use and emissions over the winter break

Every action counts! This holiday season help save energy as part of UBC’s Seasonal Shutdown, which lowers the temperature in buildings during the winter break to reduce energy use and emissions on campus.

Steady Under Pressure: How Energy & Water Services Keeps Campus Flowing

Steady Under Pressure: How Energy & Water Services Keeps Campus Flowing

Water is a crucial resource at UBC, for basic human needs and to support research and operations. The simple act of turning on a tap to access a safe and reliable water supply is something students, faculty, and staff depend on each and every day.

Grab a sweater and prepare for a cooler campus

The weather outside is cooling down, which means its time to wear warmer layers and close our windows to stay comfortable and save energy over the winter.

You Can Now Pay UBC Energy & Water Utility Bills Online

UBC Energy & Water Services is pleased to announce that online banking is now available through major banks and credit unions to pay utilities invoices.

Student video contest: How is your campus is combating climate change with district energy/CHP

The Campus Energy Student Video Contest, challenges students from IDEA member institutions (like UBC) to create a short video about their campus energy plant, focused on district energy and/or combined heat and power (CHP).

UBC bioenergy facility acts as Living Lab for climate change leadership

UBC bioenergy facility acts as Living Lab for climate change leadership

Energy & Water Services had an operational need to provide heat to the university community and reduce emissions, and researchers in the Faculty of Applied Sciences had an interest in related research. Together, they were able to create a platform where not only operational goals of reduced greenhouse-gas emissions, operational efficiencies and reduce costs were achieved, but researchers were given direct access to lab space within the facility for collaboration on initiatives for mutual benefit.

BRDF, UBC’s innovative heat and power facility boosted by federal investment

A $20.4 million expansion of UBC’s innovative Bioenergy Facility (BRDF) will receive up to $7.6 million in support from the federal government’s low-carbon economy fund.

Campus Energy Centre wins green building award

Campus Energy Centre wins green building award

UBC’s Campus Energy Centre has won the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada’s 2019 Green Building Award, and it is the only building in BC to be recognized in this year’s Awards of Excellence.

EMMS project announces vendor, launches website

The Enterprise Maintenance Management System (EMMS) Project received Board of Governors approval to enter contract with Planon, an industry-leading solution for maintenance, inventory, and asset management and the project is now ready to move forward in concert with the IRP.