New water meter installation on 16th Avenue in the University Endowment Lands (UEL)

Please be advised that the University Endowment Lands will be installing a new water meter on 16th Avenue as part of regular maintenance and upgrades.

UBC Facilities will support this work from December 14-17, 2021 by switching over our campus water feed, once the new meter is installed.

During this switchover, our teams do not anticipate any disruption to our water supply. However, you may notice some differences in your water during the changeover:

 Some users may experience temporary low water pressure in their buildings.

  • Changes in the flow of water within UBC’s water distribution system may cause temporary turbidity (discolouration and/or cloudiness) in the water. Water clarity should return to normal after a short period of typical use. Our water will remain safe to use and drink throughout the changeover.
  • Research equipment such as boosters may not operate as expected due to possible low water pressure.

Our Facilities team will continue to monitor the water quality and will provide further information should the situation change. For questions or concerns, please contact your zone Facilities Manager.

Thanks for your attention.