UBC’s Energy & Water Story

Like any growing city, UBC’s Vancouver campus faces an ever-increasing demand for the provision of basic services like electricity, heat, water, and sewers. We’ve been managing the costs of these services by directly controlling the maintenance, operation, and capital upgrades of the associated infrastructure on campus.

About UBC Energy and Water Services

Energy and Water Services (EWS), a department within UBC Facilities was establish as a centre of energy and utility system expertise—for both operations and infrastructure—for the Vancouver campus. The department’s activities are divided into two groups: Energy Planning and Innovation (EPI) and Generation and Distribution.


Reduce UBC’s consumption of energy and water, and eliminate our greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 through mindful stewardship of our campus energy and water resources.


Our mission is to generate, distribute and conserve UBC’s energy and water resources in an open and transparent manner that maintains our customers’ environmental comfort, ensures system reliability, minimizes life cycle cost, reduces GHG emissions, and seeks out innovative solutions that inspire.

Values:  Inspire, Conserve, Innovate

  • safety and emergency preparedness
  • conservation and efficiency
  • system reliability and adaptability
  • partnerships and collaboration
  • leadership and innovation
  • Integrity and fiscal responsibility


Learn more about our utility infrastructure, energy production, energy planning and innovation efforts, risk mitigation approach and key statistics and metrics.