Building Energy and Water Data

Looking for building energy and performance data? UBC Energy & Water Services makes all of its data freely available online, via the SkySpark platform.

SkySpark consists of a suite of applications to provide data analysis or access to the data. The guest account can access five apps:

  • Buildings App gives snapshots of building performance, and allows for download of utility data
  • Energy App allows for comparison of energy use between buildings, as well as baselining and weather or area normalization
  • Historian App allows viewing of one or more trends, as well as simple regression modeling
  • KPI App gives a quick comparison between buildings on a number of key metrics
  • Weather App shows present, forecasted, and historic weather data

General Notes on Use of SkySpark

  • If only the “Home” app appears at the centre of the screen, click “UBC” on the left-hand side.
  • Each individual app may consist of several different views, which can be selected by clicking the appropriate tab along the top of the page.
  • At any time, a view within SkySpark can be exported using a button near the top right corner. The pdf or image file generated can be either downloaded or emailed. If the view is comprised of a single dataset, csv and excel files are also available as possible export files.

Log In to SkySpark

Access SkySpark by logging in here with the username and password “guest”.